Additional dictionary.

Section H. Additional features food, drinks and meals

Group A. Characteristics of food, beverages and meals

Code Name
 HA01-8Cook and chill
 HA02-1Cook and frozen
 HA04-7Pork free
 HA05-0Alcohol free
 HA06-3Diabetic meal
 HA07-6Gluten free meal
 HA08-9High fibre meal
 HA09-2Low calorie meal
 HA10-5Low cholesterol/fat meal
 HA11-8Low protein meal
 HA12-1Low purine meal
 HA13-4Low sodium meal
 HA14-7Non-lactose meal
 HA15-0Peanut allergy meal
 HA16-3Vegetarian meal
 HA17-6Vegetarian Lacto-Ovo meal
 HA18-9Religious meal
 HA22-1In syrup
 HA23-4In tomato sauce
 HA24-7In natural juice
 HA31-8Wet mix