Additional dictionary.

Section G. The scale and size

Group A. Dimensions and power specifications

Code Name
 GA01-7Specific weight required
 GA02-0Gross vehicle weight limited
 GA03-3Specific tonnes per annum required
 GA04-6Specific kg per annum required
 GA05-9Specific height required
 GA06-2Specific width required
 GA07-5Specific thickness required
 GA08-8Specific length required
 GA09-1Specific diameter required
 GA10-4Specific volume required
 GA11-7Specific litres per annum required
 GA12-0Specific size required
 GA13-3Specific unit size required
 GA14-6Specific capacity required
 GA15-9Specific circumference required
 GA16-2Specific depth required
 GA17-5Specific kWh per annum required
 GA18-8Specific MWh per annum required
 GA19-1Per annum (pa)
 GA20-4Specific power
 GA21-7Specific pressure
 GA22-0Specific voltage required
 GA32-0Specific degrees Celsius required
 GA33-3Specific degrees Fahrenheit required