Additional dictionary.

Section L. Additional medical and laboratory characteristics

Group A. Medical and laboratory characteristics

Code Name
 LA01-3For anaesthetics
 LA02-6For artificial-kidney treatment
 LA03-9For autopsy
 LA04-2For bronchial endoscopy
 LA05-5For burns
 LA06-8For cytostatic treatment
 LA07-1For diagnostic radiology
 LA08-4For dietary use
 LA09-7For disinfection
 LA10-0For dispensary use
 LA11-3For endovascular use
 LA12-6For gynaecology
 LA13-9For haemodialysis
 LA14-2For haemodynamics
 LA15-5For heart surgery
 LA16-8For hospital use
 LA17-1For immunology
 LA18-4For infusion
 LA19-7For injection
 LA20-0For intensive-care use
 LA21-3For laboratory use
 LA22-6For medical personnel
 LA23-9For medical use
 LA24-2For neuro-angiographical use
 LA25-5For neuro-surgical use
 LA26-8For nursing staff
 LA27-1For operating theatre
 LA28-4For operating-theatre use
 LA29-7For orthopaedic use
 LA30-0For osteosynthesis
 LA31-3For paediatric medicine
 LA32-6For paramedical use
 LA33-9For pathology
 LA34-2For peritoneal dialysis
 LA35-5For psychiatric purposes
 LA36-8For radiodiagnosis
 LA37-1For radio-immunoassay
 LA38-4For radio-immunology
 LA39-7For radiology
 LA40-0For radiotherapy reagents
 LA41-3For serology
 LA42-6For surgical use
 LA43-9For the artificial-kidney unit
 LA44-2For therapeutic medicine
 LA45-5For therapeutic purposes
 LA46-8For transperitoneal dialysis
 LA47-1For treatment of hypothermia
 LA48-4For urology treatment
 LA49-7For X-ray unit
 LA50-0For cardiology
 LA51-3For cardiovascular use
 LA53-9For post-mortem use
 LA54-2For vascular use
 LA55-5For veterinary use