Additional dictionary.

Section B. Status, Form, packing and packaging

Group C. Packaging and packaging

Code Name
 BC01-4With metal frames
 BC02-7With plastic frames
 BC03-0With wooden frames
 BC04-3Clad with gold
 BC05-6Clad with platinum
 BC06-9Clad with silver
 BC15-6Plastic coated
 BC16-9In bags
 BC17-2In blocks
 BC18-5In boards
 BC19-8In brine
 BC20-1In bulk
 BC21-4In cartons
 BC22-7In cartridges
 BC23-0In cuts
 BC24-3In joints
 BC25-6In lots
 BC26-9In oil
 BC27-2In packets
 BC28-5In pouches
 BC29-8In reams
 BC30-1In rods
 BC31-4In rolls
 BC32-7In sachets
 BC33-0In sacks
 BC34-3In sheets
 BC35-6In slices
 BC36-9In solution
 BC37-2In strips
 BC38-5In water
 BC40-1Moulded glass