Additional dictionary.

Section G. The scale and size

Group C. Other features

Code Name
 GC01-9Not exceeding
 GC02-2In excess of
 GC03-5A maximum of
 GC04-8A minimum of
 GC08-0Response time
 GC10-6Scale of work:
 GC12-2Subsidiary lot:
 GC14-8Type of architecture:
 GC15-1Type of protocol:
 GC16-4Type of standard:
 GC19-3Lot No
 GC20-6Main lot:
 GC22-2Commissioning in
 GC26-4Number of channels:
 GC27-7Number of items:
 GC28-0Number of phases:
 GC29-3Number of seats:
 GC30-6Number of sets:
 GC31-9Number of units:
 GC32-2Number of users:
 GC33-5Number of sheets:
 GC34-8Number of copies: